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Frequently Asked Questions 

I just placed my order, what happens next? 
Within 30-60 minutes after placing your order, you will receive an email from us confirming that the order has been received and charged. We will follow-up with a second email confirming shipping of the order from our warehouse, usually within 72 hours.

When will I receive my order? 
You will receive your order within 2 - 3 business days.

How will my order be shipped & can I track it? 
Orders are usually shipped via a tracked service provider. You are welcome to request a tracking number should your order delivery be delayed.  

Is this a subscription I am signing up for? 
No. We only ship what you order.

Are WUNDER2 products cruelty-free? 
We are proud to be certified cruelty-free by The Leaping Bunny Program.

Are your products paraben free? 
Yes. All of our products are paraben free

Do you have any special offers at present? 
Follow and connect with us on social media as we do offer special promotions and competitions.

How do I return my order?
For secure return information, please contact our Customer Returns Team  and they will happily provide you with next steps.

I returned my order, when can I expect my refund? 
Refunds are processed once we have received the items. Once received, this takes around 5 working days.


WUNDERBROW is the complete one-step solution to thicker, more beautiful eyebrows. Our PermaFix Gel Technology locks color and tiny hair fibers to the skin giving you thicker, more defined brows that are smudge-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof for up to 3 days.

What is the best way to prepare my brow area before applying WUNDERBROW?
Simply swipe the area with a cotton pad and toner to remove any natural oils or product residue. This ensures that WUNDERBROW binds directly to the skin during application for maximum lasting power when dry.

Can WUNDERBROW be used to cover grey hairs?
Yes, WUNDERBROW is highly pigmented and will cover any grey hairs found in existing brows.

Is the Black/Brown WUNDERBROW black?
Our WUNDERBROW Black/Brown color is a shade lighter than a true black and suits most olive complexions with brown to black brows. If you prefer something darker or more dramatic, the Jet Black shade will be the best match.

Is Auburn WUNDERBROW suitable for someone with strawberry blonde hair?
Our WUNDERBROW Blonde is the best color to suit light red/strawberry blonde hair.

How red is the Auburn WUNDERBROW?
Our WUNDERBROW Auburn is a deep, dark red shade.

How long will one bottle of WUNDERBROW last?
One bottle of WUNDERBROW will last 2-3 months if used frequently.


What is WUNDERCLEANSE and what is it used for?
WUNDERCLEANSE is a special oil-based cleanser formulated to remove WUNDERBROW with ease.

Apply directly onto where you applied WUNDERBROW, massage to break down makeup and gently wipe away with a cotton pad or swab. If reapplying WUNDERBROW after cleansing, rinse cleansed area with water to remove all traces of cleanser and pat dry prior to application.


WUNDERBROW D-FINE Brow Liner & Gel is a dual-product made specifically to define and shape your eyebrows. On one side you can find a special angled liner for defining, filling & extending and on the other side, a tinted soft-hold gel for grooming, setting & creating natural looking brows.

What is the difference between WUNDERBROW and WUNDERBROW D-FINE?
WUNDERBROW is a long-lasting eyebrow gel that can last up to 3 days on the skin. WUNDERBROW D-FINE is great as an on-the-go solution for touch-ups, but will only last the day on the skin.


What is WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension Stain Mascara?
This mascara is a lash stain that tints and defines your lashes for up to 72 hours without smudging or flaking. To remove before 72-hour wear, use an oil based cleanser or waterproof makeup remover.

What is WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara?
This mascara gives you perfect lashes without the need for false lashes.  The Dual-Formula Technology conditions and hydrates your natural lashes and attaches mini 3D lash extensions for extreme, waterproof length and volume.

Is WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara blue in color?
No. The mascara tube contains two formulas that mix together seamlessly as you remove the applicator. The mascara appears black on the lashes.

Are WUNDEREXTENSIONS Mascaras waterproof?
Yes. Both WUNDEREXTENSIONS mascaras are waterproof.


WUNDERTOX is a deep cleansing and purifying face mask that actively foams on application to leave your skin looking and feeling more youthful and refreshed.

How do I use WUNDERTOX?
Simply massage a generous layer onto damp skin and wait two minutes until full foam forms. Rinse well with warm water.

How many times a week should I use WUNDERTOX?
WUNDERTOX can be used up to 3 times a week.


WUNDERLIFT is a wrinkle reducing serum that instantly lifts, firms and evens out the surface of your skin on contact, eliminating the appearance of lines, wrinkles and even under-eye dark circles and puffiness.

How does WUNDERLIFT work?
WUNDERLIFT is designed to work on contact with the skin, tightening and smoothing it within 60 seconds to remove the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. The Flex-Tensor Technology that we use to formulate WUNDERLIFT ensures the product stays flexible and comfortable on the skin, and does not whiten or flake.

How do I apply WUNDERLIFT?
Use a pea-sized amount on clean, oil-free skin and gently sweep over the area with your fingertips. Wait 60 seconds for the product to dry. You will feel a temporary tightening sensation as it is working. Once this dissipates you can go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup.

Can I wear makeup with WUNDERLIFT?
Yes. We recommend using oil-free makeup around the application area to maintain the best results.

Last & Foundation

What is Last & Foundation?
Last & Foundation is a long-wear foundation that is comfortable and flexible on the skin, as well as being ultra-buildable and exceptionally nourishing. It will last 24+ hours on the skin and is completely transfer-proof, smudge-proof and waterproof.

How long will one bottle of Last & Foundation last?
Last & Foundation is very concentrated - 3 small drops are enough to cover the entire face. If used daily a bottle of Last & Foundation will last up to 3 months.

Will Last & Foundation feel heavy on my skin?
No. Last & Foundation has been developed to feel comfortable on the skin with a ‘flexible-feeling’ formula.

Does Last & Foundation Foundation contain any oil?
No. Last & Foundation is completely oil-free.


What is the WUNDERBLEND Complexion Sponge used for?
WUNDERBLEND is designed to replace existing makeup brushes and sponges for seamlessly, blended makeup.  Whether you are applying liquid, mineral or powder makeup products, it will work to blend it in perfectly. WUNDERBLEND is perfect to use with our Last & Foundation Foundation. Simply apply a small amount to a damp WUNDERBLEND and bounce onto the skin.


WUNDERKISS PRO creates plumper, more voluminous and hydrated lips in under 2 minutes that will last for hours. You create your own customized level of plump by ‘injecting’ the Plumping Booster into the Plumping Gloss to the level of your choice (low, medium or high).

How does WUNDERKISS PRO work?
Dermaporting technology, which is found exclusively in WUNDERKISS PRO, allows larger molecules to be absorbed into the lips more effectively.  We use Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which are great plumping ingredients, but happen to be made up of larger molecules. With help from our Dermaporting Technology, these sink into the lips beautifully when you apply WUNDERKISS PRO.

Can the Plumping Booster be used alone or be mixed with another lip gloss?
We do not recommend that you apply the Plumping Booster directly onto the lips or skin. It must be mixed into the WUNDERKISS PRO Lip Plumping Gloss as provided.

What is difference between WUNDERKISS PRO & WUNDERKISS?
WUNDERKISS PRO gives you an option of choosing how intense you wish for your lip plumping experience to be (low, medium or high).  Simply mix in the Plumping Booster to your desired level.

WUNDERKISS is already infused with our plumping complex to the maximum level (high) and is available in a convenient travel sized tube.

What is WUNDERKISS Essential Lip Scrub?

WUNDERKISS Essential Lip Scrub hydrates and exfoliates away any dry skin to reveal soft & supple lips. A combination of sugar particles and shea butter, this formula deeply moisturizes and smoothes the lips instantly – a must for the ultimate lip look!